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Semi-permanent eyeliner is applied using an anaesthetic cream initially then topical sterile supplies. We place the colour neatly along the upper & lower eyelash line (in between the eyelashes) giving you a ‘soft, full and darker lash’ look, giving you that subtle line around the eyes. The end result is similar to the build-up of mascara at the base of both top & bottom lashes. Eye enhancement is a natural look that people like, others desire a more dramatic make-up look. In this case, colour is placed in between the lashes and above the lashes.

If you are not sure which look you prefer we highly recommend having this discussion during your consultation. In most cases we recommend a natural line on your first visit, which can be made more dramatic / thicker / darker during your follow-up/top-up visit (4-6 weeks later).

Anaesthetic cream is applied to desensitise the lids which makes procedure more comfortable. Soon after the procedure it’s normal for your eyelids to be puffy and slightly red around the tattooed area. Swelling varies from client to client but almost everyone leaves the clinic looking like they’ve had a good cry. Your eyeliner always appears thicker and darker initially, and you will notice as the area heals the colour will lighten, this usually happens during the first 7 days. Once your skin is fully healed your colour will darken again slightly giving you your true colour after 28 days. The end result is worth the wait.

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