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Through time has the definition in your lips and natural colouring round your lip border gone? Imagine having soft lip colouring 24/7 all year round.  Semi-permanent lip colouring can give you the 3D optical illusion of plumper looking lips without going through any injection of collagen.

Semi-Permanent lip colouring can be applied using several different methods. Depending on which effect is your personal preference, lip colour can be applied only as a lip line to reshape and contour lips for a defined look. Many clients prefer to have the outer lip line blended into the lips for a softer appearance; this is known as “Lip Blush”.  Finally you can have the entire lip filled with colour which gives you more of a subtle lipstick look. You can choose a colours that matches your natural lip colour or more prominent lipstick colours.

During your consultation we would carry out a patch test and determine which colour suits you best. The colour selection process that takes into account a number of things:  1. natural lip colour 2. Your skin colour 3.  Your lip shape and desired colour.

The treatment is carried out using an anaesthetic cream to minimise any pain.

A lip procedure usually takes approximately 2 hours. Immediately after the procedure, colour appears around 30-40% darker and in most cases brighter than expected, this fades around 3-4 weeks after procedure.

Within 4-6 weeks a top-up is performed to give you that finished desired look. Its normal for your lips to go through several colour changes before your finished colour is revealed. It is common that around day 10-14 your colour disappears, this will appear again once your skin had healed therefore please do not panic.

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